Please we recommend you read our terms and condition before making purchase.

Our ultimate aim is to bring the best and transparent transaction for our highly esteemed customers and equally build 100% trust. Product sold in this site is owned by group of developers who took out their time and initiative to ensure they create it for easy use, especially for newbies in programming knowledge, so we recommend you protect their ego by ensuring you don’t abuse their work.

On no account shall this script be transcript-ed,edited or redeveloped without the prior knowledge of the owner, if you do will be charged to face the law.

This script is developed for transaction and web site design works, such as template, e-commerce, and cryptocurrency trade, we recommend the user to use each product for what it is designed for as we will not be held responsible if otherwise.

Don’t use any of our work for scam, bugling or any illegitimate act, as we will not be held responsive.

Once payment is made the main script is sent directly to your email so we recommend you use a working email address while purchase.

The product is sent to your email address  within 12 hours of five working days after payment is done.  

Chat us for any product you find confusing

Don’t make payment if you aren’t clear about  any of  the product, we are live ready to attend to your need, and we recommend you ask question especially before making payment.

Most script maybe removed after a very long time especially ones which carries old version for modification, that’s why we recommend you inquire from us before payment is done.

Check our approved payment

The approved payment method is bitcoin, this is to protect our privacy, and ensuring your safety is protected also, because most developers selling their products here are not easily verified, that’s why we recommend bitcoin as a payment method for your account safety.

Check the web hosting your using whether it accept the version you’re purchasing, we usually enlist each version of the product we sell here, we recommend you don’t install any of the script, template or plugin on a web hosting that don’t recommend such, if you do your hosting account maybe stalked, and we will not be held responsible, no refund will be made.

We only refund payment two days after payment if the product is not functioning well or the version has been removed.

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