The simple, short & resource specific license are outlined below with relevant licensing FAQs

The licensing  of the products used in this projects is detailed below, and we recommend you read carefully, you can consult our agents or send us email if you get lost in comprehending the explanation given below.

The images, template, themes and many more used in this platform posses the said right of the developer but all product enlisted here are incorporated and licensed under the provisional patent application (PPA)

Don’t fall into the trap of piracy because if you do you may not enjoy the reverse. When it comes to business, ownership truly matters.  You just need to find a way to make the product used here to work for you instead of against you.

We encourage you to seek for the permission of the owner before transmitting any of the materials.

How does Crownthemes licensing work?

Cronthemes products uses the cloud licensing. The Crownthemes  is licensed on a “per product, and last for the duration of a yearly” basis. Each product is licensed for a set duration with an expiration date.

Do I have to buy more licenses every time I buy new product?

Not needed; licenses are sold separately from the software or script. For example, It is purchased once but have to be upgraded, this is on the cost  script maintenance by the management. Purchasing a new licenses requires the consent from the owner.

Do I need to have a license for every piece of Crownthemes Application that I purchased?

Yes, every Crownthemes Application requires a  license to be issued. Any of product that isn’t licensed won’t get traffic.

How does licensing vary between different Crownthemes product lines

All our products ranging from software, plugins, images, video, template and others are the same and except the amount is changed by the product owner.

What happens when I reach my co-termination date?

A: You can purchase a renewal through our authorized systems If you chose not to renew, you will no longer be able to manage your devices via the websites, and our product network devices such as plugins, images and templates will cease to function. This means that you will no longer be able to configure or make changes to your  products.

How do I renew my licensing?

A: The recommended ways for applying a renewal is to purchase a single license key that covers every products currently in the Organization for some number of years. Applying that license key as a renewal will then extend the Organization’s licensing by that many years.

Will I be notified before my license expires?

A: Yes, our agents will send some notification to  email you sent to us 30 days ahead on account of expiration outlining the steps for license extension.

Will I be notified before my account is suspended?

A: Yes,  licenses renewal notice will send a warning 30 days before suspension.

How Does Crownthemes licensing look like?

When you purchase our product a licensing notice will be issued to you, this is to enable you enjoy full right of the product and makes your product free from suspicious act. Once you get the notice your required to purchase the license if not your product will start to mal-function

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