Download Leadbank – PHP Loan Application Managment Script

by Crownthemes in , , on November 27, 2020
Leadbank is one of the top leading online loan management system. It comes with an automated loan processing backend, multiple loan calculation systems and more.
Helps to create a powerful loan system. It comes with a mortgage calculator, collateral tab, loan attachments and payment receipt printing.

Loan tracking number: 123456

username: admin pass: Test@123


  • Credit cards
  • Students loans
  • Mortgages
  • Autoloans

Main Features.

  • Design Email Templates
  • Borrowers Management
  • Update Loan Types
  • My Wallet Records
  • View Missed Payments
  • Alerts And Notifications
  • Social Media API Key
  • MyMail Mailbox System
  • Change Company Settings


Borrower Management

  • Enter borrower’s personal information like photo and address
  • Attach related documents in  jpg, gif, png, xls, xlsx, csv, doc, docx, pdf files
  • Enter borrower’s financial information like occupation, income
  • Easily view the complete list of borrower’s by their name and email ID
  • Can check borrower’s debt balance instantly


The Lending Management

  1. Client Details: Enter the borrowers’ name, account number, agent and other necessary details. Moreover, you can also update the status of the loan as pending or approved.
  2. Sanction Of Loan:
    -Add new loan application
    -Search the types of loans fast
    -Automatically determines matured and overdue debts
    -Generate payment schedule and disclosure
    -Support multiple loans for one borrower
  3. Track Payment And Follow Up: You can easily collect payment, calculate interest, and track the transactions using the loan management PHP script.


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